Virtual Reality Escaperooms

Our VR Escaperooms

Depths of Osiris

Enter the deep dark sea abyss to find the crown of Osiris. This mission combines the best of Indiana Jones, Jules Verne and Rayman. Many will experience a sense of recognition when they find themselves back in VR, but are you able to withstand the pressure when you have to escape yourself? To accomplish the mission and solve the mysteries of Osiris you not only need eachother, but you have to beware of what hides in the dark. Can you hold your nerve?

Dragon Tower

Scientists are the sorcerers of our time. Before the advent of modern science, occult scientists were called alchemists in medieval times. These secretive mages were often shrouded in an aura of fear. With good reason. In this virtual fantasy world the alchemists will make you suffer for entering their domain. Everyone who is trespassing in their domain is captured without mercy and placed in quarantine, waiting to be sacrificed to monstrous dragons. Are you able to escape by using the alchemists’ own magic against them and kill the dragons before they eat you?

Space Station Tiberia

It’s the year 2999 and all life on earth is threatened by a devastating meteorite storm. It’s your job to prevent a total annihilation of all life on earth. The best scientists of mankind have designed a space station with a high-powered laser, that is developed for the purpose of dealing with planet killer doomsday asteroids. When you arrive, however, you discover the space station is critically damaged since it’s being relentlessly pounded by the vanguard of the asteroid swarm. Teamwork, knowledge of topography, magnetism and gravity are no unnecessary luxury in this race against the clock. Will you save humanity by getting the laser operational in time?

VR escaperoom time travel paradox

Time Travel Paradox

Solve interdimensional problems by travelling through time. A scientific experiment has gone horribly wrong when it was hijacked, destroying civilization. By going back and forth in time between the past and a future apocalyptic world you can restore everything to how it was. Accurate communication and teamwork are necessary to solve difficult puzzles, that manifest itself in different dimensions. Everything revolves around a reactor core that needs fuel to function properly. Are you up to the task to hack into the computer systems and defeat your technologically superior enemy?

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